Sunday, January 20, 2008

Santa Rosa: Phyllis' Giant Hamburgers

On our way back from wine tasting in Kenwood, we tried a new hamburger place on Highway 12 called Phyllis' Giant Hamburgers. We can say that without a doubt this is a welcome addition to the Santa Rosa hamburger scene. Quite simply, our food was fantastic.

We ordered two junior hamburgers with bacon and cheese with a side of house made onion rings. They have a pretty big menu, but we went with something standard to see how they make a basic burger, that way we can compare them to the our current hamburger joints in town. But honestly, there isn't any comparison.

First, they give you a choice of how you want your burger cooked, and I chose rare, Laura chose medium well. It is my understanding that you can only serve rare burgers if the meat is ground fresh there every day. That is fairly unusual, and I love a rare burger, so I gave it a try. It was delicious! And even though it was a junior size, it was definitely big enough for me although I do look forward to trying one of their bigger hamburgers soon. Their menu is pretty extensive, so I can't go through everything they offer, but you should check out their website here to get an idea:

Another outstanding item we tried was their onion rings. They use freshly cut onions and you can really taste the difference. I'm not sure what kind of batter they used with the rings, but they were crispy, tasty and plentiful. We were offered a side of ranch which was a perfect match with the spices in the batter. In this picture you see only a couple of rings. I started pigging out and realized I hadn't taken the picture yet... just so you know, in the beginning there were a lot more rings!

So if you are on your way out to go wine tasting or on your way back or you just want a great tasting lunch, you should consider Phyllis', you won't be disappointed.

Here is their address: 4910 Sonoma Hwy Santa Rosa, CA 95409, here is their phone number (707) 538-4000 and here is a map in case you get lost:

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