Sunday, December 16, 2007

Santa Rosa: Sur La Table

When I heard that our local upscale shopping center Montgomery Village was building a Sur la Table a few years back, I was very excited. I did not know at the time, however, just how excited I should be.

It turns out that our store is one of only 6 stores in the entire state of California that has a culinary program. You can find out more here: (

I recently had the pleasure of taking a class with Chef Mary Bergin that taught us how to prepare a complete Prime Rib Dinner.

What a treat! The class was fully hands-on as we were supervised and guided by the world famous chef from Spago.

After learning all about technique and timing, we were able to enjoy our feast. I cannot wait to recreate the meal for my family on Christmas Eve. I also cannot wait to take another class. Yet another reason we are so lucky to live in Sonoma County! Here is a map so you can find your way.

You can learn more about us at

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