Saturday, January 5, 2008

Sonoma County: Shopping for Gourmet and Organic Groceries

There are several great markets in Sonoma County where you can buy gourmet organic and conventional foods that complement our wine country lifestyle.

The first is our newest called Skyhawk Village Market.

Their deli is tasty, their wine selection is very good and their desserts are fantastic.

It's in a great location, on your way out to visit one of the many wineries in the Kenwood Valley, you should consider stopping in for some excellent quality foods. They are located at 5755 Mountain Hawk Dr right off of Highway 12 in Santa Rosa, CA 95409 (707) 537-1954 and here is a map in case you get lost:

Here is their website:

Pacific Market has three locations in Sonoma County, one in Santa Rosa, one in Sebastopol (it's called Fiesta Market, but it's owned by the same people) and their largest, newest market is in Rohnert Park.

They have some of the best prepared foods in the county and if you are near one you won't be disappointed that you went in.

Here are the maps to the 3 stores: Rohnert Park

In Sebastopol:

And in Santa Rosa:

You can learn more about them at:

Oliver's Market has three locations in Sonoma County, one in Cotati, one in East Santa Rosa and one in West Santa Rosa.

They have one of the yummiest dessert counters in the county.

They have great mix of organic and conventional foods, an incredible selection of prepared foods and deli foods to choose from.

And here is a map in case you get lost:

You can find out more about them at

We have four Whole Foods Markets in Sonoma County, with another one on the way: one in Petaluma, one in Sonoma, one in East Santa Rosa, one in Sebastopol, and the newest one coming into the Coddingtown Mall in West Santa Rosa.

We'd show you some pictures of inside the store but they asked us to put the camera away. Who knew that grocery shopping had to be so cloak and dagger?

Here is a map of their Sonoma County stores:

View Larger Map

You can learn more about them here:

You can learn more about us at

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